Critical Feast: Practice Chickens

The Feast / The Recipe

For those new to Critical Feasts, these posts are dishes inspired by the show Critical Role. You can see the other Critical Feast posts here.

The Feast

This week’s Critical Feast is inspired by the most wonderful Vex’ahlia and her amazing chicken shooting skills.


Unlike Scanlan’s servants, I can cook more than just chicken, but I do enjoy roasting a whole chicken and vegetables from time to time. It makes for delicious eats and gives me a perfect base to make some Critical Role target chickens.

I wanted to make the arrows are edible as well, so I combined a Slim Jim jerky base, arrowhead shaped cheese blocks, and some lettuce fletchings to make chicken piercing arrows.


As we enjoy our roasted chicken and veggies tonight, we will be watching episode 95 of Critical Role live on Twitch. The roasted chicken recipe can be found below.

Until the next adventure, Bon Dungeon Eats!

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Recipe: Herb Roasted Whole Chicken & Roasted Vegetables

Based on this recipe.

This Pioneer Woman recipe is perfect for making delicious roasted whole chickens. I used a Calpahlon roaster pan with rack to cook the chickens and vegetables at the same time.

For the vegetables, I used zucchini, yellow squash, red potatoes, and carrots. I cut the veggies into small wedges and lined the bottom of the pan with the pieces, making sure to keep them under the height of the rack the chickens would be sitting on. I added a can of chicken broth (14.5 oz) to give a thin layer of liquid to keep the vegetables from drying out. I sprinkled the vegetables with salt, pepper, and Italian seasoning. The juices from the chickens cooking above the veggies will also add some extra flavors.

The vegetables will cook along with the chickens and should be nice and tender by the time the chickens are cooked fully through.