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The Adventure

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Life gets incredibly busy, and it gets harder and harder to fit your whole non-work life into each week. The group that I am a character player in decided to move our sessions to after work on Wednesdays. It is great because we now have standing time every week that we can play, and weekend plans do not get in the way of our sessions.
Unfortunately that leaves me with no time to cook before we play. We will still have grand adventures to share, but Wednesday sessions won’t always have the grand feast.

We also decided to switch back and forth from our adventure with Matt DMing and a new adventure with Justin DMing, so we have twice the stories; AND I get to make another character!!! As we dive into this new adventure, if you are currently running the Hoard of the Dragon Queen, beware possible spoilers ahead.

The Adventure

This week we are joining a campaign that our group was running before viking husband and I joined the Wednesday club, so Justin worked in a bit of a home-brew one shot to introduce our characters to the on going adventure.

Just like our other ‘new to the blog’ campaigns, I will give everyone a little intro to our adventuring party.

Beast Shape Master
Wood Elf Druid
played by Raven
Damage Dealing Healer
Half Elf Cleric
played by Melany
Fearless Mimic
Kenku Ranger
played by Matt
Source: RPG.net
Caution to the Wind Caster
Deep Gnome Sorcerer
played by John
Source: Pinterest
Trap Tripping Caster
Dragonborn Wizard
played by Johnny
Trying to Stay Zen Monk
Aarakocra Monk
played by ME!
Killer of Snarf (ask Matt)
Justin Harvey
Male Human Dungeon Master
played by Justin
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“Helping” Hand?

As the group camped (minus Dax and Belwar), Moxie was on watch and noticed strange golden flutters in the distance. She pointed them out to Meg when she took next watch, but neither were sure what the flutters were. The next morning they saw the flutters again, but this time they were surrounding a figure in the distance; and this figure beckoned them all to follow. Cautiously, they followed the figure around a path to the bottom of a cliff face. Getting a closer look, they saw it was an older human man with golden canaries surrounding him.
This mysterious figure offered to help the group. He said they needed to be ready for the task ahead of them. They were are not yet prepared for what the dragon cultists were summoning. It would be an evil that they could not handle, and they must be tested to know if they are ready. A doorway appeared in the cliff face, and he simply motioned to it. Meg tried to get a quick, closer look at the old man before they entered, and she noticed his eyes were reflective. Not sure what that meant, she turned to the group to tell them what she saw and looked back to see he had vanished.


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Curiosity piqued, they all decided to go into the mystery door and see what the old man meant by being tested. They were met inside with a double door that had a dragon head symbol on it. Proceeding on, as soon as they opened the doors, a room beyond lit up revealing 4 kobolds standing in front of 2 figures blindfolded, gagged, and chained to the wall. The group made quick work of the kobolds and noticed each one disappeared as they were killed. Curiouser and curiouser.
With the threat addressed, the group release an aarakocra and deep gnome from their bonds. They both were unsure how they got in this room, and awoke as captives to the kobold. They seemed honest and did not appear to pose any threat, so they joined the others in trying to figure out where they were. Dax and Belwar joined the team! As the group looked around the room, the saw a large round dais in the center with what looked to be colored reliefs for dragon head statues. The colors of the dais matched four doors on the outside of the room; white, black, blue, and green. There was also a large red door, but it did not have a matching indent in the dais. The red door was also locked while the others were not.

As the group contemplated which way to go, fff’tang decided to move things along and went through the black door. Though suddenly having the decision made of where to start, the group proceeded on with caution. As they stealthed into the room, they found two sleeping ogres in a cavern with acid pools. Quiet and careful everyone. Quiet and careful. Dax and Belwar took up the ready close to one of the orges, and Belwar decided he would disguise self to look like an ogre. Well a “baby ogre” as he is a 3 foot tall deep gnome and disguise self can’t make someone that small look like a huge ogre. Dax shaking her head at Belwar, took up post on ledge 30 feet up, so she could watch his back in the very likely event the ogre does not buy his disguise.


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As they investigated the area more, they saw there were three different chests on each side of the cavern. fff’tang approached a chest closest to the entrance and found it was empty. Wanting to get a look in the other chests, but also wanting to be ready should the ogres wake up, the group split up across the cavern as fff’tang and Erabor approached the other two chests. Erabor made his way up a natural bridge above one of the acid pools to check the furthest chest. He opened it to find a black dragon head statue, but he did not check for traps and triggered an acid spray from the column next to him. When he cried out in surprise, one of the ogres woke up from the sound. Erabor immediately tried to cast sleep on the ogre, but not surprisingly (they had a huge health pool), it resisted the effects.

The group stayed as hidden as possible, and luckily the ogre did not see them. Assuming his other slumbering friend must have woke him up, had kicked him awake; and they both began bickering back and forth. Belwar tried to shocking grasp the closest ogre but the spell missed, and the ogre saw him standing by his foot. Luckily ogres are not known for their intelligence, and it did seem to think Belwar was some sort of little ogre; but thinking that, he tried to pick him up. Unfortunately with disguise self, you only appear to be larger, and the ogre’s hand passed through the top portion of the illusion. It immediately started freaking out when this happened.

Everyone sprang into action at that point and started attacking the ogres. Unfortunately for our level 2 characters, the ogres were taking little to no damage. Sometimes you have to know when to run, and this was one of those times. Thankfully everyone was able to slip away from the ogres and run back to the main room. As the group ran back in, the ogres did not seem to follow. fff’tang took the statue and placed it in the black indentation of the dais. The black door closed and locked as the dragon head sank into place with a click.

That was where we ended the session. Clearly we were in for more interesting encounters behind the other colored doors.

Until the next adventure, Bon Dungeon Eats!

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