Critical Feast: Dagger Dagger Dagger

The Feast / The Recipe

For those new to Critical Feasts, these posts are dishes inspired by the show Critical Role. You can see the other Critical Feast posts here.

The Feast

This week’s Critical Feast is inspired by our favorite paladin/rogue Vax’ildan and his signature “dagger dagger dagger” fighting method.


I used three different recipes to make rough representations of three of Vax’s daggers.

The Dagger of Venom – Represented by Jalapeno Chicken


The Flame Tongue Dagger – Represented by Spicy BBQ Chicken


Whisper – Represented by Blackened Chicken


As we enjoy our chicken dishes tonight, we will be watching Liam’s one shot on Critical Role live on Twitch. The three different recipes can be found below.

Until the next adventure, Bon Dungeon Eats!

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Recipe: Spicy BBQ Chicken

Based on this recipe.

I used a tangy BBQ sauce and added some red pepper flakes to get a fiery bite, and I changed the mushrooms out for some red and orange bell peppers.

Recipe: Jalapeno Chicken

Based on this recipe.

Rather than mincing the jalapeno, I cut it in longer strips like the onion.

Recipe: Blackened Chicken

Based on this recipe.

I substituted some Cajun spiced rice in with the black beans rather than corn and salsa to have more of a dirty rice to go with the chicken.